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Humidity and Temperature
Humidity Controller MicaFlex HTC/T2


MicaFlex HTC/T2 | Transmitter/Controller for measurement of humidity and temperature

Transmitter/Controller for measurement of humidity and temperature


Micaflex HTC/T2 is a humidity and temperature transmitter and controller for the measurement, control and indication of relative humidity, temperature, dewpoint, floating dewpoint and mixing ratio.
Floating dew point meaning the temperature difference between the ambient dew point temperature and the temperature of the cold surface.

Tekniska Data

MF-HTC/T2 has two analogue output signals which can be used for humidity, temperature, dew point, floating dew point, humidity ratio and control signal.
Each output has three terminals, one for Volt DC, one for mA DC and one common zero. The outputs permit using both mA and Volt signal simultaneously

Relevanta dokument

Operating and installation manual
Instruction, Modbus RTU for HTC-T2



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