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Flow transmitters
Flow transmitter MF-FD ver 3


MF-FD ver 3  | Discontinued 2017, replaced by ver 4.x

Discontinued 2017, replaced by ver 4.x


MF-FD ver 3 is a flow linear differential pressure transmitter specially developed for measuring air flow together with all types of flow sensors with known flow constant, e.g. Micaflex flow sensors series MFS, in ventilation ducts, chambers and rooms.

Micaflex flow transmitter is fitted with a 4-digit LED display for indication of current flow or velocity.

MF-FD ver 3 replaces earlier model MF-FD

Tekniska Data

  • Output signal in Volt and mA

  • Manual forced max. output signal

  • Easy One-Key zero-setting

  • Selectable damping

  • Calibration certificate attached

  • Optional alarm module available
  • Relevanta dokument

    Betriebsanleitung auf Deutsch
    Data Sheet
    Declaration of conformity
    Operating and installation manual
    Alarm module MFM-L1 ver 3
    Instruction for adjusting measurement



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