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Energy statistics and energy measurement
Boiler control MVP-3000


MVP-3000 | Heat production computer for advanced control of boilers and hot water circulation pumps

Heat production computer for advanced control of boilers and hot water circulation pumps


MVP-3000 is a control and management system for heating plant environments. All functions in the MVP-3000 can be managed using its built-in 4x40 character text display and easy-to-use display menu operator.
Together with other Micatrone equipment, the MVP-3000 is the Scandinavian market-leader of modern and cost-effective heat production management systems. By optimising the use of fuels and different boiler combinations, high savings can be obtained when producing hot water.
With data communication between MVP-3000 and Micatrone MDS-10 or MOS-1000 Operator Systems, the entire plant can be monitored remotely.

Tekniska Data

  • MVP-3000 includes extensive energy statistics processing

  • 5 alternative methods of boiler connection:
    - Utilised power
    - Power load
    - Outdoor temperature
    - Date controlled connection
    - Set sequel

  • Energy statistics for 12 months. Stores energy data for utilised power and power input, as well as calculating annual conversion efficiency

  • Text based alarm readings

  • Easy to read actual measurement values

  • On/Off controller for circulation pumps

  • 5 PI-controllers for speed control of distribution pumps, etc.

  • Monitoring

  • Event logger that registers the latest 4000 events

  • Data communication
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