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Fume bench- and hood controllers
Fume Hood Alarm MF-FHA ver 3


MF-FHA ver 3 | Micaflex FHA

Micaflex FHA


Monitors and alarm for low velocity in the fume hood sash opening.

FHA indicate with green light that the velocity is above the alarm limit and with red light and buzzer, together with activated relay after a set time delay an alarm condition.

Alarm reset function can be programmed to automatically reset when the velocity exceeds the alarm limit or for manual reset. Manual reset is used for electric interlock.

The sensor follows the principle of a bi-directional mass-flow sensor and is connected to FHA internally with a cable. The sensor has a very long time stability and needs only to be checked once a year. The sensor is integrated in the same unit och connected to the fume hood using 4/7mm PVC hose.

Settings of alarm limit, time delay and alarmfunction are situated beneath the cover.

Tekniska Data

Integrated velocity sensor
Transformer 230VAC/6VDC included
clear alarm indication
Accustic alarm
Potential-free alarm output

Relevanta dokument

Data Sheet
Operating and installation manual


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