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Laboratory Equipment MF-FHC ver 5


MF-FHC ver 5 | Fume Hood Control System type FHC ver 5

Fume Hood Control System type FHC ver 5


The MicaFlex system for fume hood face velocity control is developed for continuous measuring, control and monitoring of the face velocity of the fume hood sash opening and by that, guarantee the safety of the operator and laboratory personnel.

The system also offers the lowest possible energy cost when the inlet velocity is kept at lowest allowed velocity and possibility to supervise the highest al lowed level of the fume hood sash opening

Tekniska Data

The MicaFlex fume hood system consists of;
- Operator interface, FHI
- Control unit, FHC
- Velocity sensor FHT
- Actuator HSA24-3P
- Damper HSD

Relevanta dokument

Data Sheet
Actuator HSA24-3P
Declaration of conformity
Instruction, Modbus RTU for FHC
MSS-100, Sach sensor
Programming manual
Installation manual


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