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Pressure transmitters
Differential pressure transmitter MF-PD ver 3


MF-PD ver 3 | Discontinued 2017, replaced by ver 4.x

Discontinued 2017, replaced by ver 4.x


The MF-PD ver 3 is a differential pressure transmitter designed for measuring of low positive, negative and differential pressure in air-handling and ventilation systems where low pressure measuring is needed.
The MF-PD ver 3 differential pressure transmitter uses a reliable optical measuring system for measuring low differential pressure with high accuracy.

MF-PD ver 3 replaces earlier models of MF-PD

Tekniska Data

  • Output signal in Volt and mA

  • Easy One-Key zero-setting

  • Two selectable measuring ranges, full range or half range

  • Selectable damping

  • Calibration certificate attached

  • Negative or Positive indication of pressure
  • Relevanta dokument

    Betriebsanleitung auf Deutsch
    Fiche produit Micaflex PD ver 3
    Data Sheet
    Datenblatt auf Deutsch
    Declaration of conformity
    Operating and installation manual
    Instruction for adjusting measurement
    Alarm module MFM-L1 ver 3



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