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Sequence boiler power controllers and valves
Motorized butterfly valve MTT-CS


MTT-CS | Soft seated composite valves with actuator

Soft seated composite valves with actuator


Micatrone power valves are suitable for use as on/off valves or control valves in cooling and warm water systems where max flow is below 12 m/s.

The valves are designed for use with Micatrone sequence boiler controllers type MVP serie 300/3000.

Valve housing and disc of high-tech composite materials. Disc seat of EPDM rubber. Disc shaft in stain-less steel.
The valve complies with directive 97/23/EG.
The valve is mounted without any additional gaskets. Double guide holes for PN10/16 flange mounting. The valve is fully tight with a differential pressure of 10 bar.

MTT-CS is delivered with MS-35M3 actuator and mounted reduction that increase the torque to 160 Nm when the valve is in its closed-position.
Manually adjustable position of valve opening with release function inside the actuator.
Built-in kill-switch inside the actuator permits any movement to be stopped from incoming control signals.
Option: Actuator with built-in position controller type MS-35M4-LR.

Tekniska Data

- Powerful reduction increase motor torque to 160 Nm when the valve disc is positioned inside the seat
- 10 bar differential water pressure
- Suitable for heating or cooling systems
- Mounted without flange gasket
- Manually adjustable position of valve opening with limit switches in actuator still operating
- Valve housing and valve disc of high-tech composite materials provide superior protection against corrosion and light weight body

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