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Monitoring equipment with alarm function
Temperature monitor MMT-1000


MMT-1000 | Type approved max. temperature monitor, module B & F approval.

Type approved max. temperature monitor, module B & F approval.


MMT-1000 is a max. temperature monitor used for disconnecting the security circuit for the plant when the temperature exceeds set limit.
MMT-1000 measures the outgoing water temperature from the boiler('s) using a Pt-100 type temperature sensor. MMT-1000 has a programmable limit which break up the security circuit for the plant and alerts when the outgoing water temperature exceeds set limit.

Tekniska Data

  • Monitors the outgoing water temperature for the plant
  • Disconnects the security circuit for the plant if temperature exceeds set limit
  • Separate potential-free alarm relay output
  • Manual reset with key on front cover or remotely through an external switch
  • An alarm condition remains after power supply failure
  • Digital indication of actual temperature and set limits
  • 5 LED indicating alarm status
  • High degree of protection, IP 65
  • Product certification, type approval acc. to EG-certification module B for pressure containing devices and systems, No: DK-0200-4.2486.1/05 and in conjunction to pressure containing devices acc to module F, No: DK-0200-PED-3865
  • Relevanta dokument

    Module F PED product certificate
    Declaration of conformity
    Declaration of conformity


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