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Oxygen transmitter MG-4000-R2


MG-4000-R2 | Industrial Oxygen (O2) transmitter and analyzer

Industrial Oxygen (O2) transmitter and analyzer


The MG-4000-R2 industrial oxygen (O2) transmitter is designed for measuring and analysis of the O2 content in flue gases from oil-, gas- and biofuel-fired boilers and furnaces.

The oxygen transmitter together with a controller type MOG-1000-O2K or MG-O2R and actuators enable optimization of the fuel/air ratio to a high average boiler efficiency.
The oxygen transmitter consists of two parts: the oxygen sensor probe and the central unit transmitter. The design is developed for industrial use.

The oxygen sensor probe, which is to be mounted in the flue gas duct directly after the boiler, is small and requires no reference air.
The oxygen sensor probe comprises ZrO2 sensor, heating element, head amplifier and a current source for reference ion pump.

The MG-4000-R2 central unit transmitter comprises power supply unit for the sensor and the internal electronics, I/O-signal connections, alarm relay outputs and a operating panel with a 2x16 character LCD screen with back light, Key pad for programming and eight function LED?s for easy reading of the operating state.

Oxygen Measuring functions, control and calibration are carried out by the built-in micro controller in the central unit of the oxygen transmitter.

Tekniska Data

- Available with english instruction, english texts on front panel and english texts on LCD-screen
- Zirkonium dioxide sensor
- Install directly in the flue gas duct
- No reference gas required
- Calibrated in ambient air
- Small and easy to install sensor probe
- Connects easely to Micatrone boiler computer MOG-1000-O2K or O2-controller MG-O2R for complete control and monitor functions needed for O2-control

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