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Oxygen controller MG-O2R


MG-O2R | Oxygen (O2) sensor and controller

Oxygen (O2) sensor and controller


MG-O2R both measures anc controls the O2-content in the flue gases.
MG-O2R measures the O2 content and temperature in the flue gas along with temperature of the combustion air intake for high accuracy O2 control.
Together with the O2 content, flue gas temperature and the air intake temperature, the over all performance of the compustion is calculated.
MG-O2R has a built-in contineous PI controller for a optimized O2 content control.
The measuring range can be selected between 0...5 %, 0...10 % and 0...20 % O2.
For stage burner the controller has three selectable set values that can be altered through two digital inputs.
For modulating burners and bio mass fired boilers the controller has a 10-step programmable table for 10 different set values that the controller can aim for at different loads on the boiler.

Tekniska Data

  • Suitable for bio mass or oil fired boilers

  • Uses lambda sensor technique

  • Built in contineous PI controller for controlling the O2 content in the flue gas

  • Alarm relay for :
    - Low O2-content
    - High O2-content
    - Low over all combustion performance
    - Low flue gas temperature
    - High flue gas temperature

  • Measures an monitors the flue gas temperture

  • Measures the combustion air intakt temperture

  • Calculates the over all combustion performance
  • Relevanta dokument

    Declaration of conformity
    Operating and installation manual


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