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Temperature controllers
Boiler controller MOG-1000-O2K


MOG-1000-O2K | Boiler computer system with O2-Controller

Boiler computer system with O2-Controller


The MOG-1000-O2K boiler computer is developed to optimize heat production for the best economy at your plant, and to supply maintenance personnel with information that will simplify their work.
The MOG-1000-O2K boiler computer is based on a microcontroller and electronic process memories, which makes the MOG-1000-O2K very flexible. The MOG-1000-O2K can be programmed for use with practically any type of boiler, Owen, burner or fuel.
The individual functions and operating parameters are programmed into the computers memory for each boiler using the built-in keypad. Programming can also be done remotely using the MDS-10 or MOS-1000 Operator System HMI interface.

MOG-1000-O2K for biofuel firing:
prepared for use with all types of boilers;

  • Hot water boilers

  • Steam boilers

  • Hot oil-fired boilers

  • Biomass boilers

  • MOG-1000-O2K for non-biofuel firing:
    prepared for use on all types of boilers;

  • Hot water boilers

  • Steam boilers

  • Oil-fired boilers

  • Gas-fired boilers

  • Coal-fired boilers

  • Natural draught boilers

  • Induced draught boilers

  • Forced draught boilers

  • Positive/Negative pressure furnace

  • Tekniska Data

    Temperature or steam pressure control:

  • Control functions for start and stop of burners

  • On/Off controller for speed flue gas fan

  • On/Off controller for combustion air fans and fuel supply

  • Power controller (3-point PI controller) for modulating burners

  • Sequel control of set points for On/Off controller and Power controller

  • Control of negative pressure in the furnace or control of combusted air:
  • Evacuation of gases at burner stop

  • Manual/Auto switch

  • Downtime pressure for biomass fired boilers

  • Sweeping position

  • O2-Control:
  • O2-controller with a programmable set point curve

  • Alarms:
  • Alarm functions for sequential control of boilers and remote indication

  • Communication:
  • Data communication with computer

  • Monitoring with limits for warning and stop:
  • Monitoring of the pressure in the furnace or the differential pressure

  • Monitoring of the flue gas temperature

  • Monitoring of the O2-content in the flue gases

  • Monitoring of combustion efficiency

  • Monitoring of oil and gas consumption

  • Monitoring of optional temperature (for example combusted air or oil). This temperature may also be controlled if the power control is not used

  • Monitoring of mA signals

  • Switches:
  • Fan guard (for induced draught boilers)
  • Pressure switch, positive or differential, separate from the MOG-1000-O2K
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