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Humidity and Temperature
Humidity & temperature transmitter MicaFlex HTT ver 4


MicaFlex HTT ver 4 | Humidity and Temperature transmitter with built-in PI-Controller

Humidity and Temperature transmitter with built-in PI-Controller


MicaFlex HTT ver 4 is a humidity transmitter/controller used for all types of humidity and temperature measurement or control within the range -30...+80 ?C and 0...100 % RH.

The MF-HTT combines a humidity transmitter with a temperature transmitter and include calculation functions for measurement of mixing ratio and dew point.

The MF-HTT ver 4 humidity transmitter consists of a main I/O-unit and a humidity sensor which is of capacitive type and laser trimmed to a measurement error of less than ? 2% RH. Next to the humidity sensor a temperature sensor is placed. The temperature sensor is of Pt-1000 type with a measurement error of less than ? 0,3 ?C.

Tekniska Data

The humidity transmitter is equipped with an alphanumeric 2-line LCD display with 2*16 characters and backlight
Setting and programming is made by built-in keypad on the front cover
Two parameters may be displayed simultaneously
Two analogue outputs to be used for RH, Temp, Dewpoint and Mixing ratio
The output is possible to set 0/2...10 VDC or 0/4...20 mA
Visual and acoustic alarm

Relevanta dokument

Data Sheet
Operating and installation manual
Instruction, Modbus RTU for HTT



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